Current exhibition

Luciana Rosado: The Spare Room

24 August 2014 - 20 September 2014

The artwork in this exhibition is inspired by the Water element as a metaphor of concepts such as the passage of time and the permanence/mutability of our memories and feelings.

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  • Yourself, yourself

    Yourself, yourself

  • You can do this

    You can do this

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Welcome to the New Hall Art Collection, a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art by women artists. Paintings, prints, and sculpture are displayed throughout the Murray Edwards College.

The Collection has come about as the result of many generous gifts and loans from artists and donors. With close to 400 contemporary artworks by women artists the New Hall Art Collection is regarded as the most significant of its kind in Europe.

The New Hall Art Collection is found within Murray Edwards College, part of the University of Cambridge.

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