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    Miranda Boulton: Lost in the Middle

    19 February 2012 – 17 March 2012

    Haze - Oil on board, 2011 - 60cm x 65cm

    Haze - Oil on board, 2011 - 60cm x 65cm

  • About exhibition

    ‘Lost in the middle’ is a brave statement and defines the artistic practise and visual language of Miranda Boulton.  With paintings, which captivate through their folk influenced honesty the viewer is lost in landscapes which are both fictional and at times strangely familiar, populated by obscured female figures and signs of abandoned habitation.

    In ‘Lost in the middle’, Boulton lays bare deliberate connections between drawing and painting, with the act of drawing consistently pitted against the act of painting throughout the execution of the work. Boulton’s physical relationship with her work and practice is exposed and celebrated, either evident in graphite marks or having been drawn with a paintbrush into or under tense fields of oil paint.

    The results are a brave move away from the ‘clean and flat’ assertion of the contemporary; these paintings are difficult, and at times pensive. Landscapes are explored as a feeling rather than representation. Like snapshots made whilst travelling along a lost highway.


    Interview with Lucy Wilson