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    Suzanne Treister

    Discover the Secrets of the Universe

    Discover the Secrets of the Universe

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    Suzanne Treister has developed her earlier interest in paintings relating to video games into the actual use of computer images. She wrote in 1989, "I have wanted to speak, through the manipulation of objects and images, of possible structures; structures suggested by ground plans, children's puzzles, maps, computer games etc ... used in a metaphorical way to suggest patterns of thought and emotional states; in such a way that meaning is suspended, but at the same time allowed out to play."

    Can You Open the Box?
    Fictional video-game still made on an Amiga computer, using Deluxe Paint; photograph number 1/5, 39 x 47 cm
    Donated by the artist 1992.

    Discover the Secrets of the Universe
    Oil on canvas 4' x 3'6''
    On loan from Richard Treister